Telford 50 - What's Next?

Get involved - as an individual

Join in and come along to the events and activities celebrating Telford 50 throughout the year. 

Promote the Telford 50 events and activities you are attending on your social media pages, please use our #Telford50 hashtag. Please spread the word to your family and friends, there is so much going on and something for everyone!

Get involved in everything we are preparing for the anniversary by joining our dedicated Facebook group. Share your views and give your opinion on what other people have to say!

Fill in a heart with what YOU love about Telford. During next year we plan to have an exhibition of 50 giant hearts filled with what people love about Telford.

Volunteer to support our Telford 50 events. Please email us at if you are interested in volunteering.

Organise your own Telford 50 event and apply for funding.

Last but not least, smile and help spread the word! Telford 50 is a great opportunity for us to gather in celebration and tell the world why Telford is special!