Telford 50 - What's Next?

Get involved - as a business

Telford Balloon Fiesta Sponsorship 2019

View information on the Telford Balloon Fiesta - 11 and 12 May 2019.

Telford 50 event - Organise your own event or integrate Telford 50 theme in an existing event

If you are planning to organise your own Telford 50 event or want to integrate the Telford 50 theme in other events that you are already planning, our event guideline toolkit is here to help you.

Register your events or any communication you are doing related to Telford 50

Register your event, so we can promote it. We aim to advertise all the events going on and this is a great opportunity for yours to be even more widely promoted!

Get your employees involved!

Everyone loves to be part of a celebration, here what’s going on and get involved either online or as a volunteer. So why not make your employees aware of Telford 50 and make them feel proud of the borough they are living and/or working in? They are welcome to support the celebration as volunteers (Golden Event Makers), view more information.

Finally, help us promote our Telford 50 events and activities you are attending on your social media pages, please use our #Telford 50 hashtag

Telford 50 is a celebration for everyone so the more we love, like and share it, the more people we’ll get involved!