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Public transport information and advice

Travelling in Telford

Bus information
The Council has close working relationships with a number of transport providers in the area. As a council we do provide the red Wrekin Connect Bus Services which serve the rural areas. More information and timetables for these services can be found on the Wrekin Connect page.

The Council also provides bus stations, shelters, stops and some information panels.

We work with bus operators to make services more accessible for everyone, including wheelchair users. This includes providing new low floor easy access vehicles and new kerbs that make it easier to get on and off the bus.

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Railway stations information
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Taxi and Mini Cab information
In Telford and Wrekin all taxis are Hackney Carriages only. These are the London-style black cabs (although there are variations in colour), which display "TAXI" and are identified by a white Telford and Wrekin Licence plate.
These vehicles operate on a scale of fares that are approved by the Council, and programmed into a sealed meter. A card must be displayed giving the current table of fares.

What is a Private Hire Vehicle?
A Private Hire Vehicle is a family-sized saloon, estate or people carrier. It is identified by an illuminated roof sign  and front and rear yellow licence plates.

  • Vehicles are not permitted to display a "Taxi" sign. The vehicles operate from a licensed base and can only be hired by prior booking with one of the Private Hire Companies 
  • It is illegal for a Private Hire Vehicle to pick up an unbooked fare
  • There are no requirements for a meter. Each journey is a separate agreement between the operator and passenger
  • If you flag down a Private Hire Vehicle, you may not be insured in the event of injury in an accident?

Complaints/lost property
If you have left behind personal property in a Taxi/Private Hire Vehicle, or you should wish to make a complaint about a driver, vehicle or operator, you should note the time, date and place along with at least one of the following:

  • Drivers name or identification badge number (which drivers are required to wear at all times)
  • Vehicle registration number
  • Vehicle plate/roof sign number

In the first instance, you should contact the company concerned. If you are unable to do so or you feel that you are treated unsatisfactorily by the Company, contact the Licensing Team.

After 48 hours, a check for lost property should be made at the lost property office at Malinsgate Police Station by calling 0300 333 3000.

Last updated 10/11/2014

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