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Telford Energy Savers

Is a partnership between Telford & Wrekin Council and Carillion Energy Services to save people money on their energy bills and boost the local economy.

The 8-year programme will make residents' homes and businesses warmer for less money, and tackle fuel poverty. It is supported by new funding arrangements that make improvements affordable for all. Trusted local suppliers will carry out the work, installing energy-saving improvements, helping to create new jobs and apprenticeships. We will work with schools and the community, providing training to help people into new careers.

Telford Energy Savers is our response to the Green Deal- a government initiative which helps you make energy saving home improvements, which will make your home more comfortable and save you money. The Green Deal scheme lets you pay for some or all of the improvements over time through your electricity bill. Repayments will be no more than what a typical household should save in energy costs.

Energy prices are rising, we can't afford to keep our homes as warm as we'd like - and some people are affecting their health by cutting down on heating.

Telford & Wrekin Council know that government programmes can be complicated, and the Council is working with Carillion Energy Services to deliver the Green Deal. We aim to bring together all the grants and funds to make sure that you get the best advice, save the most money, and have improvements installed by approved, high-quality local tradespeople. We will help you to benefit from the Green Deal.

For advice or a FREE no obligation energy assessment, please call us on 0800 073 0252, or visit the Telford Energy Savers website.

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Which improvements can be covered under Green Deal?

There are currently 46 approved measures, including:

Loft insulation: Heat rises and if your loft isn't insulated properly you could be losing heat through your roof. Insulating your loft, or topping up your existing insulation, will keep heat inside your home.

External and internal solid wall insulation: Older homes usually have solid walls. Installing insulation on the inside or outside of the wall can dramatically reduce the heat that escapes through the walls.

Boilers: Older boilers tend to lose a lot of heat so they use a lot of energy. High efficiency condensing boilers and air or ground source heat pumps use less energy, saving you money.

LED Lighting: LEDs use a fraction of the energy of conventional or even compact fluorescent lighting.

Create your own energy: Technologies like wind turbines and solar panels can capture energy and turn it into electricity or heat for your home.

Windows: Old or single glazed windows can cause drafts and allow heat to escape. By replacing your windows with double or triple glazed windows, or installing secondary glazing to your existing windows, you can keep your home warmer and reduce outside noise.

Cavity wall insulation: Some homes have walls with a hollow space in the middle that heat can escape into. Insulation can be put in this space quickly and with no mess, which stops heat escaping this way.

Draught proofing: Gaps around doors, windows, loft hatches, fittings and pipe work are common sources of draughts. Simply sealing up the gaps will help stop heat escaping from your home.

Last updated 28/11/2013

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