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Completed projects

Wellington bus station

Wellington bus station

Work on the new Wellington Bus Station started in March 2009 and was completed in Summer 2009.

Construction work was split into two phases:

Phase 1 - the construction of the new bus interchange on the former Parade Car Park.

Phase 2 - the construction of the Nailors Row Car Park on the former bus station site.

Construction works were undertaken by Blackwell Construction Ltd who worked closely with Telford & Wrekin Council during the works. Wellington Town Council were also supportive throughout and public feedback since it has opened has been very positive.

This new facility, funded from Central Government through the Local Transport Plan, provides a transport hub for the people of Wellington. It includes a dedicated taxi rank to encourage better use of both bus and rail services. Security has been improved in the area with a new CCTV system installed in both the bus station and rail car parks.

The project will also support the wider regeneration of Wellington like the building of the new civic quarter which is currently being planned.

Nailors Row Car Park is named after a street called Nailors Row, a long row of cottages located on the site of the former bus station. The row probably came into being during the eighteenth century and is shown on a map of 1793, and is actually named Nailors Row on a map dated 1806.

Nailors Row was home to a thriving and renowned cottage industry, of Nail Making. Over 130 different types were, apparently, made by poor but skilled families (children as well as adults were involved) to keep their financial heads above water. Nails would have been ordered by middlemen who delivered materials in the form of tin sheets and wires of various thicknesses made of copper and steel, and be told what types of nails to make.

Nailors Row is very clearly shown on the earliest surviving street map of any clarity, dating from the 1830s. Nailors Row then disappeared possibly, during the 1870s when the existing close which contained hovels and poor quality housing was demolished to create a new road called Victoria Street.

Access to Wellington rail station is poor, especially for mobility impaired users. For those unable to climb stairs, the route from the bus station to the platforms is lengthy and circuitous.

The Council is working with the rail industry to improve access to the rail station. A number of options have been investigated and funding is now being sought to construct a footbridge link between the existing rail station footbridge and the adjacent bus station site and construction of two lifts to serve the station platforms.

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