Bin collections for new residents, new houses and flats

If you have just moved into the area, have moved house or moved into a new build property, you will need to make sure your new home has the right bins/containers for your rubbish and recycling.

Existing houses and new builds

Your house should have the following bins and containers:

  • blue bag/box
  • green bin
  • purple top bin
  • red top bin*

* If you have moved in to a new build (a newly built property which has never had recycling/refuse containers previously), you will need to order and pay for your red top bin – your other bins and containers are provided free of charge. The bin will cost £25 and can be ordered by calling 01952 384384. Existing houses should already have a red top bin.

If you require replacement bins and/or containers, as they are either missing or broken, you can order them online.


Your flat should have the following containers:

  • blue bag
  • purple bag

You should also have access to communal rubbish and recycling area where you can empty your containers in to larger bins and also dispose of any other household rubbish – for more information about the communal facilities please speak to your landlord, housing association or site office.

View more information on the flat recycling service.

If you are unsure about how to use your on site facilities please call 01952 384384. Replacement containers can be ordered online.

Recycling and Rubbish Collection dates

To download a collection calendar or to check your recycling and rubbish collections dates, please visit our 'When's my bin day?' page, enter your address details and your next fortnightly collection date information will be provided.

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