Before 1800 the UK was mapped in a series of small-scale county maps. Local sections of these are reproduced in the Documents concerning the Parish of... Series.

Reprints of Robert Baugh's map (1808) are available for reference. Similar copies can be located through the library catalogue.

From 1836 until 1850's a tithe map was produced for each parish. These are large scale maps, in which each parish is divided into numbered plots.

This was to identify landowners for commutation of tithes into money payment.

Madeley Library has a copy, for the Parish of Madeley, dated 1847, which covers the Ironbridge Gorge. The maps are the basis for the field name maps available in the local libraries. A collection of similar maps are available to view at the Community History Centre, Wellington Library.

Ordnance survey maps began in the 1800s. The main series of 1:25000 were produced in three editions: 

First 1881-2
Second 1901-2
Third 1926-7

The Community History Centre at Wellington Library holds microfiche copies of all three editions for most of Shropshire. Paper copies of the maps are held in the branch libraries. There is an index in each library listing the editions and locations of these maps.

The Community History Centre holds fiche copies of the 1:10560 maps, dated 1891, 1901-2 and 1920s and 1:1250 maps for the 1970s.

There is a digitised collection of some maps covering Wellington held in the centre on two computers. These maps cover various periods and places in and around the town from 1626- 1877.

National Library of Scotland historic OS maps of England and Wales 1842-1952.

Older ordnance survey maps for the whole of the United Kingdom can be viewed online.

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