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View details of the location of Southwater One - the home of our new First Point and library.

Contacts in Planning

If you wish to contact us, please email
Or telephone: (01952) 380380

Development Management Manager
David Fletcher

Major Development Specialists
Gareth W Thomas – Group Specialist Planning
Kate Stephens – Development Planner

Planning Officers
Emma Green – Team Leader (East)
Tim Williams – Principal Planning Officer
Anna Adams – Senior Planning Officer
Diane Ferriday – Planning Officer
Tom Carruthers – Planning Assistant
Kieron Smith - Modern Apprentice
Derek Causer – Enforcement Officer 

Valerie Hulme – Team Leader (West)
Rob Price - Principal Planning Officer
Libby Harper - Senior Planning Officer
Matthew Thomas – Planning Officer
Kirsty Johnson – Planning Assistant
David Jones - Enforcement Officer 
Lisa Richards – Development Planner (Urban Design) 
Stella Jamieson – Conservation Officer
Sophie Milburn– Environmental Planning Assistant
Dave Coxill – Condition Monitoring Officer 

Customer Services, Validation and Technical Support 
Tina Kelly – Customer Services Business Manager
Siobhan Martin – Senior Customer Services Officer 
Customer Service Technical Officers:
Caroline Crockett
Jonathon Finnigan
Martha-Louise Fletcher

Customer Services Officers:
Katie Wilde
Natalie Dawes
Jessica Barnett
Danielle Jappy - Modern Apprentice
Connor Crossley- Modern Apprentice
Alasdair Dadswell - Modern Apprentice

Sarah Pritchard – Local Land and Property Gazetteer (LLPG) Custodian
Jovo Radusin – Planning Business Support Officer
Dave Barnett - Planning Business Support Officer
Sue Overton – Section 106 & Community Infrastructure Officer

You can visit us:
Business & Planning First Point
Telford & Wrekin Council
Wellington Civic Offices
Opening times: 8.30am to 5.15pm Monday to Friday 

Or you can write to:
Development Management
Telford & Wrekin Council
PO Box 457
Wellington Civic Offices

Last updated 21/05/2014

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