Skills and Enterprise Hub

Health and Social care services have a key role in enabling disabled people to become as independent as possible, which includes supporting people to move into the world of work.

This service will offer information, guidance and support to adults with disabilities to gain essential skills for work. It will also build and develop further business opportunities and look to become a social or community enterprise.

You told us that, "we want the opportunity to gain essential skills, training and help to look for and get a job.
Services such as TEN should be flexible and support all people with disabilities not just learning disability. Services at TEN are really good but should be for people who really want to think about work, it shouldn't be a day centre". You would like to develop more businesses like TWIGS and become a social enterprise. 

Skills for Work

This service will:

  • Offer time limited programmes of work based training/activities for people with disabilities.
  • Build on our traded activities like TWIGS and the production and retail of rustic goods.
  • Explore new business opportunities. Be more flexible by reviewing the services opening times and shut down periods.
  • Work closely with others to plan individual pathways to employment.
  • Make the most of our facilities and partnerships.
  • Develop long term plans to become a social or community enterprise.

Where will this service be?

We propose that unit Ten, Horsehay will become our Enterprise Hub. We will no longer use unit 11.