Repatriation of a deceased body from overseas to England

The foreign registration authority will issue a death certificate which needs to be taken to the registrar of the district in which the burial or cremation is taking place. The registrar will issue a document called a 'Certificate of no liability to register'. This is the document that will be given to the Funeral Director, in order to allow the funeral to proceed.

Repatriation of a deceased body from England to overseas

Some countries require a Cadaver Certificate before they will allow a body into the country for burial. The certificate, if issued, confirms that no epidemic of infectious disease occurred in the area for some three months preceding the death.

Cadaver certificates - the formality of obtaining the cadaver certificate is usually handled by the undertaker, making the arrangements on behalf of the relatives. However, anyone can apply. The Funeral Director will also help with anything requested by the Coroner and with requirements of the authorities in the overseas country to which the deceased is going. Some of these requirements may apply for burial in another part of the United Kingdom.

The certificate is issued by the Environmental Health Officer for the Council in the area the person died, or is to be exhumed from before reburial elsewhere.