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Getting Tender Ready Event

Due to the forthcoming Tenders for the opening of both the Domiciliary Care & Support and "Time for Me"- Creative, Well Being and Educational Workshops Preferred Provider Frameworks, the Council will be holding a Getting Tender Ready event at 2pm on Monday 20 April 2015 at the following venue:

Shropshire Partners In Care

Denby House
Stafford Park 1

It will not be a preview of the exact documentation that will be used or provide answers to any of the actual questions that will be asked, but will assist with your approach in preparing a response.

If you are interested in attending this workshop please contact Louise Haycock, Procurement Apprentice – to book your place.

Children's Domiciliary Care & Support

Reforms relating to children with special educational needs and disabilities introduced in September 2014 brought with them the requirement to offer personal budgets. The changes also increased the age range to 0 - 25 years old.

In Telford and Wrekin we are keen to offer families of disabled children and disabled young people the opportunity of personal budgets and for this they will need a range of choices available to them. We wish to increase this choice.

Support services for children are different to traditional adult domiciliary care in the way they are delivered and the requirements of staff that carry out the delivery. Service is more likely to be delivered in blocks of hours rather than lots of short calls and will often be to support the child or young person attending an activity, or support them with an activity to increase their independence.

As more families choose to take personal budgets to purchase the services themselves to meet their child’s outcomes they will need a range of choices of service delivery, and a range of choices of how to contract those services; from the Council buying the support on their behalf but the family taking control of the service delivery, to more self directed support through direct payments and individual service funds.

We are actively seeking new suppliers to support this area and would really like to hear from you if you are able to offer children and young people domiciliary care and activity support.

Please contact or come to see us for a chat in Telford Town Centre on 23 March outside Primark and Marks & Spencer’s.

Independent Advocacy Services 

Telford & Wrekin Council is holding a consultation event on Wednesday 25 March 2015 for interested Providers to inform the design of Independent Advocacy Services. Following a Tender process successful Providers will be required to deliver information, advice and independent advocacy in accordance with the requirements of the Care Act 2014.

In preparation for the providers' workshop on Wednesday 25 March we ask that you please forward any findings or reports of consultation/engagement you have carried out with service users and carers. This can be any engagement you have done which gives you feedback on what people want from services with regard to advice, information and advocacy.  

When planning for future work around advice, information and advocacy and building on personalisation and community-based support the Council is signed up to and committed to Making it Real. 

Making it Real is built around “I” statements. These express what people want to see and experience: and what they would expect to find if personalisation is really working well. Making it Real will help to check and build on progress with personalisation, and also let others know how we are doing – especially the local community and our service users and carers. 

When thinking about advice, information and advocacy – Making it Real tells us that what people want is:

  • I have the information and support I need in order to remain as independent as possible
  • I have access to easy to understand information about care and support and can make things happen
  • I have help to make informed choices if I need and want to
  • I know where to get information about what is going on in my community

We have also created some local “I” statements based on consultation with carers, parents with sensory impaired children and an engagement session on advocacy. But we have some gaps in local knowledge with specific groups of service users and this is why we would like you to send in any consultation/engagement findings/reports that you have carried out with people you work with. We want to make sure we have up to date local “I” statements. 

Local “I” statements:

  • I have a service that meets my needs as an individual
  • I understand what the service does and when I can get support
  • I have confidence and trust in the service and information and advice I am given

Please send your findings/reports to no later than this Friday 20 March. We will then present all the “I” statements at the providers' workshops and ask you to consider these statements (what people want/outcomes) alongside tender models.  If you require any further information on the above please email or ring Andy Challenor (Community Participation and Equalities Manager) on 01952 385103.

Visit the Making it Real website to find out more.

The event will take place from 2pm - 3.30pm at Denby House, Stafford Court, Telford, TF3 3BD. For further information about attending the event please contact

Domiciliary care change project

Preferred Provider Framework for Domiciliary Care

In 2014 Telford & Wrekin put a Preferred Provider Framework (the Framework) in place to support all purchasing of domiciliary care made from 1 October 2015. All new care purchasing from this date is offered to providers who are on our Framework. Work is also underway to transfer current care purchasing onto the Framework.

View more information on the Domiciliary care change project

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