Pride in your environment

1) We will work with and enhance our offer to Parishes to develop existing and new Parish Environmental Teams to deliver maintenance programmes in high community use areas such as litter picking, footpath clearing, minor tree works, bin emptying and other environmental improvements.

Two additional Parish Environmental Teams have been set up as part of the Pride in Your Community programme to enhance maintenance work that the Council already does to keep streets and open spaces in good condition. It means we now have a total of 9 Parish Environmental Teams in Telford and Wrekin.

For more information, visit our Parish Environmental Teams page.

2) We will work with residents to solve issues around untidy pieces of land in their local area which are of greatest concern to them and we will identify sustainable solutions to improve the environmental quality of community open spaces.

The Pride in Your Community programme also funded six Environmental Estate Response Teams working across the borough 5 days a week carrying out core cleansing work and added value work.

For more information, visit our Environmental Estate Response Teams information page.

3) We will engage with local people to improve the environment surrounding existing and future Housing and Commercial developments, to ensure that regeneration projects and new developments integrate and complement existing communities and this forms part of our community deal with developers.

4) We will pro-actively work in the community and with our Contractors to improve the liveability in our urban areas and assess our trees to reduce the negative impact that unmanaged trees, overhanging branches and hedges have on everyday living.

5) We will give our local community access to information and support needed to address trees on private land in their community.

A borough wide review and survey of trees is currently being undertaken. The results of these surveys will be assessed and then a programme of tree works will be scheduled to start across the borough. Some tree works have already been scheduled with two trees in Donnington being removed in July.

6) We will introduce a system of estate management by providing visible dedicated Environmental Team starting in Sutton Hill and to be rolled out across the borough.

We have invested in six Environmental Estate Response Teams working across the borough 5 days a week. Each team consists of 2 x TWS cleansing operatives and we are currently recruiting an apprentice for each team.

For more information visit the Environmental Estate Response Team information page.

7) We will engage with our communities and launch an Environmental Social Responsibility Campaign to include bulk collection promotions to TLC card holders and residents in our areas of greatest need and a free offer to residents over the age of 70yrs across the borough. More information about these offers can be found on the bulky waste collection page. We will target education and awareness of the impact of fly-tipping and littering and work with our social and private landlord’s to increase social responsibility in problem areas.

As part of the Pride in Your Community programme, we are now offering since 1 April 2014 discounts on bulk collections. Telford Loyalty Card holders will receive 10% discount per bulk collection for 12 months, while residents over 70 will receive one free bulk collection for the next 12 months.

For further information about more discounts available for bulk collections, visit the Bulk Collection Offer information page.

8) We will engage with the community to identify local areas where litter is an ongoing problem and will provide more litter bins in addition to the 3,000 bins currently across the borough.

The "suggest a bin" campaign is due be launched shortly as part of the Pride in Your Community programme. We have invested in purchasing 300 new bins, 100 to be used to replace old, broken or damaged bins and 200 additional new bins for the borough.

To find out more information about how you can "suggest a bin", take a look at our Litter bin scheme page.

9) We will ensure enforcement action is taken against environmental crime on public open space and where appropriate, on private land across the borough and will prosecute where possible.

10) We will make it easier for our residents to make us aware of environmental issues in their local area by providing a free app, ‘Everyday Telford’ that enables reporting from mobile phones.

We have launched our first free app - Everyday Telford - to make it easier and quicker for you to report issues in your local area. It's available on both iPhone and Android phones.