Local land charges

About local land charges

A local search is required whenever a property is advertised for sale, leased or re-mortgaged.

Your solicitor will make a search of the Council's records to ensure there are no hidden surprises, such as:

  • repayment of monies owed to the Council
  • preservation order on a tree situated on the land
  • future developments that could affect the property

The Council's charging structure is as follows:

Fees (from 9 December 2013)
LLC1 (search of the land charges register) £15
Full Con29R £41

Individual Con29R question (one only)
Additional 'individual' questions

£2.40 each
Con29O (4-22) when asked in addition to a full Con29R £4
Con29O (one only) when no Con29R requested
Additional 'optional' questions
£4 each
Extra parcels of land £7.50 each
Expedition fee £10

The types of the available application forms are explained on the next page.

Last updated 09/12/2013

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