Telford & Wrekin Local Offer


What is Portage?

Portage is a service which helps meet the special educational needs of pre-school children whose development is delayed. It helps parents teach their children new skills at home under direction of the Portage Home Visitor. The scheme specifies particular teaching techniques and curriculum of skills to be learnt.

How does it work?

Portage children and their parents are visited at home by the Portage Home Visitor. The first 3 visits are usually fortnightly. This usually gives the family and the Portage Home Visitor a chance to get to know each other, prepare materials and plan for future visits. Once this has been established visits become weekly. The parent and Home Visitor together then decide to learn during the following week.

The Home Visitor designs appropriate teaching activities. Skills that are difficult, or take a long time to learn, are broken down into easy steps which can be practiced daily. The parent teaches the child daily and records progress for the Home Visitor to see on the next visit.

Who can join?

Children are referred directly to the Portage Service usually by the teams of specialists based at the Child Development Centre, Royal Shrewsbury Hospital and the Telford children's Centre, at Stepping Stones.

Contact the Portage Service by phoning 01952 381045 or email