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Why has your bin or box not been emptied

Telford & Wrekin Council have guidelines on rubbish and recycling bins. 

Please see the list of guidelines below, these will contribute to your bin or box not being emptied on the day of collection:

  • Your bin or box should be put out 7am on collection day
  • Your bin lid should be closed
  • No extra waste left by the side of the bin, this will not be taken
  • The wrong materials were in the bin or box-  please visit our guidelines on rubbish and recycling to see which items should be placed in which bin or box

Your bin may have been too heavy to lift and items will need removing. If it was overloaded and heavy your bin will not be emptied until the next scheduled collection day. You will need to dispose of any excess waste at a Community Recycling Centre. Heavy bins can fall off the lifters and cause a serious injury to passers by or to the Refuse Collectors; they can also damage the lifting mechanism on the lorry.

Missed bin collections due to severe weather

If we are unable to empty your red top bin on your usual collection day, then please leave it out in a safe place and we will collect it as soon as possible. If we have been unable to collect your red top bin we may introduce a Saturday collection. Please ensure that your bin is not blocking the footpath or the road.

If we are unable to collect your Recycling boxes and Green garden waste bins please take them back in as we will be prioritising the red top bin rubbish bin collections during prolonged periods of bad weather. Please wait to put them out again on your next scheduled collection day, with any additional bags and boxes of recyclables

Once we get over any snow or ice related problems your collection day will return to your normal collection day.

Delayed bin collections due to vehicle breakdown or roadwork's.

Sometimes we may collect your bin later than usual due to a vehicle breakdown or roadwork's in your area.  If this is the case we ask that you leave your bins or boxes out and we will collect as soon as possible.  Please ensure that your bins and boxes are not blocking the footpath or road.  

View details on how to report a missed collection.

Last updated 09/05/2014

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