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Sensory inclusion service

Sensory inclusion service

The Sensory Inclusion Service (SIS) supports children and young people with hearing and/or visual difficulties and their families. The aim is to provide a wide range of support to ensure children and young people have a good quality of life and are included in their local community.

SIS is a joint service between Telford & Wrekin Council , Shropshire Council and health. SIS supports children and young people in their homes, nurseries, schools and colleges and in the broader community.

It has well established partnerships with local voluntary organisations supporting the needs of children and young people with visual or hearing difficulties. SIS can put families in touch with these groups, including Shropshire Deaf Children's Society (providing support in relation to hearing impairment) and oneVISion (providing support in relation to visual impairment).

SIS acts as an advocate for children and young people. Its services are planned and developed in consultation with children and young people and their families. The majority of children with vision or hearing difficulties are identified at the preschool stage and support commences at this time. Diagnosis is traumatic and families are given a significant amount of home-based support at this time.

Last updated 30/04/2010

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Sensory Inclusion Service

Address: Telford & Wrekin Council
Darby House
Lawn Central

Tel: 01952 385269

Fax: 01952 385215


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