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What is the Council doing about climate change?

Co2 footprint

We are a leader in the community, providing services and managing buildings and vehicles. As such, everything we do has an impact. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and want everyone who works for us to cut their energy use too.

Most of the energy that we use comes from heating and powering the 180 buildings that we run. Schools use a lot of energy, so do leisure centres. There are 22,850 lampposts and street signs in Telford and Wrekin, they use a lot of energy too!

We have put together a strategy 'A Climate for Change' which sets out our local response to tackling climate change.

In conjunction with the Carbon Trust, we have devised and implemented a Carbon Management Programme, which lists a number of key tasks to reducing our impact.

So what have we achieved already?

The Council has been implementing the Carbon Management Programme and we have already made substantial carbon savings, including:

  • Installed a power management system at Civic Offices - Saving 180 tonnes of CO2 per year
  • Put in energy efficient lighting throughout Darby House - Saving 45 tonnes of CO2 per year
  • Fitted covers at seven swimming pools - Saving 140 tonnes of CO2 per year
  • Installed Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems and Biomass boilers in a number of key buildings.
  • Installed Half-hourly energy meters in a number of key sites

The Council is included in the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) programme and is working at length to improve the energy efficiencies of its estate and buildings.

We are working with the Schools to reduce their environmental impact via the Low Carbon Collaborative Schools Project. 

Amongst other things, we also:

  • Automatically turn off our computers at night
  • Run the Low Carbon Programme in schools
  • Operate waste minimisation and recycling in our offices
  • Run a Carshare Shropshire and Telford journey sharing scheme for employees in Telford & Wrekin

What we can do now and in future; Opportunities for Action:

The future will be challenging! The following issues have been identified as areas that Local Authorities can have a significant impact and influence upon:

  • Reducing Energy Consumption from residential and commercial uses
  • Increasing Renewable Energy Capacity in the borough
  • Reducing Fuel Poverty
  • Construction Standards (including Building Regulations Part L, Code for Sustainable Homes,  BREEAM)
  • Aiding the transition towards a Low-Carbon Economy

Planning Policy can shape the development of the Borough, renewable energy, district heating and low carbon buildings will play a big part in large-scale development.

Last updated 20/03/2013

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