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What can you do about climate change?

picture of solar panels on a roof of a gouse

Surely this is too big a problem for one person to deal with?

Its all about a combined response. We all need to do our bit to prevent climate change. A quarter of the UK's carbon emissions comes from the energy used in our homes. Fortunately, saving energy often means saving money.    

Step 1: Energy Efficiency.

Lets face it, nobody can ignore rising gas and electricity bills. Gas prices have risen by 100% in the last ten years, and its expected to rise again by 33% by 2020.

Even in 2012, there are still 6.2 million cavity walls and 8.5 million lofts suitable for insulation in British homes.

The Green Deal will be available in 2012 and will enable many households and businesses to improve the energy efficiency of their properties so less energy is consumed and less money is wasted. View further information on The Green Deal.

Vampire Power is the power that devices use while in standby/sleep mode, and accounts for over 10% of Energy used in the home! The average home has about 40 devices that are sucking power long after you go to bed.

In our hectic 21st century lives, virtually everything we do has an impact on the environment. Follow the links below to find out what you can do to make your home and lifestyle eco-friendly.

A great first step in this process is to find out your carbon footprint. The ACT ON CO2 website has an easy to use online calculator which will also give you a personalised action plan of what you can do to make it smaller.  All you will need is a few details about your home and appliances along with how much gas and electricity you normally use. The Guardian also has a useful carbon calculator tool. 

You can also download a copy of the energy saving advice leaflet. In it you will find practical ideas to saving energy in all aspects of your life.

Step 2: Low Carbon Living:

Have you considered installing a log burner in your home? Wood fuel (or biomass) has a much-reduced impact on the environment, as it is renewable in our lifetime, is usually sourced locally, and would help to decentralise energy production. The number of woodfuel stoves installed has doubled since 2008!

Step 3: Renewable Energy:

Your property may be suitable for renewable energy technologies such as photo-voltaic cells, ground source heat or wind power, some of which attract a subsidy. We are happy to advise you on this matter. Please contact us for more information.

Last updated 22/03/2012

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