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Physical health - gateway information

Access a wide range of information for all the family on:

  • medical conditions and illnesses
  • pregnancy and child development
  • sexual health

The useful websites listed below have been specially selected and monitored by staff at Telford & Wrekin libraries.

For information about the services and support available from the Council please view our health and social care pages.

Information on medical conditions

Embarrassing Bodies
Provides condition guides, sexual health, STD checker, quick health advice, cancer checks and lots more.

Personal experiences of health and illness in audio, video or written form, covering a wide range of conditions.

Information Prescription Service
Information prescriptions from the NHS allows you to create a printable document showing just the information you need about a particular condition including cancer and other conditions.

Lab Tests Online UK
Easy to understand information about medical tests. Also contains information about the diagnosis and treatment of a broad range of conditions and diseases.

locally healthy
NHS website with health information topics, general lifestyle and local services.

Provides information, advice and support, and resources for all those affected by cancer. Covers all types of cancer, and includes answers to questions asked by people contacting Cancerbackup.

My cancer treatment
All the information you need to help you locate and compare NHS cancer services

NHS Choices
Provides information on conditions, treatments, local NHS services and healthy living in the form of leaflets, audio and video. Patients can comment on their treatment, and users can see and compare hospital ratings.

NHS Direct
A nurse-led service run by the NHS for patients with questions about diagnosis and treatment of common symptoms. The website provides a health encyclopaedia, self-help advice based on common symptoms, and answers to common health questions.

Patient UK
Provides excellent printable leaflets on health and disease, medicines and tests (some translated into other languages and some available as audio files). Also has links to national support and self-help groups. Contains a directory of reviewed health and illness related websites, mainly from the UK.

Treat yourself Better - without antibiotics
An explanation of the limitations of antibiotics to treat cold and flu and useful tips on how to help relive symptoms at home.


Embarrassing Teenage Bodies
Embarrassing Teenage Bodies helps answer the common questions and health concerns of teenagers. The videos, condition guides and interactive applications provide clear, honest information about the changes going on in teenage bodies.

Provides a social networking and advice site giving parents of teenagers a space to support each other through the challenges and successes of bringing up teens.

Teenage Health Freak
Provides cringe-free health information specific to teenagers. Includes a virtual surgery, an A to Z of health issues, and a facility to send in questions.

Sexual health

Young people's personal experiences of health and lifestyle in audio, video or written form, covering a range of conditions.

Last updated 13/05/2014

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