Course organiser pack

Download information to book a course at Arthog.

Fee sheet (PDF)

Size: 503.97 KB

Consent form (PDF)

Size: 522.06 KB

Group list (XLSX)

Size: 110.46 KB

Kit list (PDF)

Size: 424.28 KB

Safeguarding Children Statement (PDF)

Size: 267.14 KB

Special needs information (PDF)

Size: 339.18 KB

Complex needs guidance information (PDF)

Size: 333.39 KB

Course booking form 2019-20 (PDF)

Size: 369.53 KB

Adventure Activities (PDF)

Size: 311.98 KB

Environmental Education (PDF)

Size: 261.89 KB

Adult booking form (PDF)

Size: 100.82 KB

Booking Terms and Conditions (PDF)

Size: 787.13 KB

Course booking form 2020-21 (PDF)

Size: 367.86 KB

Letter to Course Organiser (PDF)

Size: 526.11 KB

Shropshire CC Transport - Active Contractors (PDF)

Size: 78.48 KB

Coronavirus Update (PDF)

Size: 542.49 KB