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Environmental education and fieldwork

Environmental awareness and understanding underpins all of our work. When we take you into the outdoors for adventure you can expect our infectious enthusiasm for the natural world to emerge along the way.

Many schools visiting us choose to incorporate the John Muir Award into their adventure programmes. This is an environmental award which requires people to engage in a conservation project - an opportunity to make a positive impact and do something for the environment. Arthog is currently the largest provider of John Muir Awards in Wales.

We have a long tradition of providing fieldwork for visiting schools and colleges. The quality and diversity of environments on our doorstep combined with the resources in the field laboratory and library make the centre an ideal base. Close by we have access to glaciated valleys and uplands; freshwater, estuarine and marine habitats; spits, sand dunes, salt marsh and rocky shores; ancient deciduous woodlands and coniferous plantations; tourism and recreation; wind farms, hydro schemes, the Alternative Technology Centre and even a decommissioned nuclear power station.

Each fieldwork programme is designed to meet the specific requirements of your syllabus. If you want to 'pick and mix' you can incorporate some adventure activities in your programme too.