Special Education Notice: Child Sexual Exploitation - Guidance for Parents and Carers (19 July 2022)

Special Education Notice, sent out 19 July 2022

Special Education Notice
19 July 2022
Child Sexual Explotation - Guidance for Parents and Carers

Dear Colleagues,

May we request that you pass the attached message and guidance onto your parents/carers as you feel is appropriate.

Keeping children and young people safe from harm is the most important thing we can all do.

Child sexual exploitation is vile crime that disgusts all right thinking people. Sadly it takes place all over the country. 

We all have a part to play in looking out for signs of child sexual exploitation and reporting any concerns. Further information is available in the guidance leaflet, provided here for download:

Child Sexual Exploitation A Guide for Parents and Carers

If you have any worries about a child or young person then contact Family Connect who are there to offer free confidential advice and guidance.

You can email them at familyconnect@telford.gov.uk or call 01952 385385 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm) or use the text back service, the number is 07537 453177.


Simon Wellman
Director: Education & Skills


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