Consultations - Local Offer

Who can get involved? We want to consult with Parents and carers of children and young people 0-25yrs with a disability and / or additional need.

Children and Young People will be consulted separately.
Start date September 2013
Closing date 4 November 2013
Service delivery area Children & Family Services
Reason for consultation We are carrying out this consultation to give parents and carers the opportunity to influence the development of the Local Offer.

Local Authorities will be required to set out and publish a ‘local offer’.

This explains how they will work with parents, children and young people, local schools and colleges, as well as other agencies such as Health and Schools and Colleges. This Will encourage a more joined-up process when delivering services for mainstream and disabled children and young people
It will make the system less stressful for families by giving parents more information about the services and expertise available locally, and increasing their choice.
In terms of school provision, the local offer will also describe what additional or different provision schools make for children with Special Educational Needs.

We are consulting with parents for best practice.

It is anticipated that this will be in place by September 2014.
Overview The questionnaire is to be sent out to parents / carers of disabled children and young people and how they would like to view the offer.

Their information will be then be fed to service providers about how Telford and Wrekin’s local offer will look and what they need to input into this offer.
How to get involved? Parents and carers are being asked to complete a questionnaire devised by parent and carer involvement groups.
What happens next? Results of the consultation will be available to publish by the end of October 2013.
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