Consultations - Developing a range of products e.g. gas, electric, insurance and telecommunications

Who can get involved? Initially, Community Panel and employees
Start date May 2013
Closing date June 2013
Service delivery area Co-operative Delivery Team
Reason for consultation The Council is exploring different ways to support local residents and businesses. One option is to work together with reputable companies who supply a range of services e.g. gas, electric, insurance and telecommunications. The main reasons for looking into this are to help local residents and businesses to manage the rising cost of living and to generate an income for the Council, which can be used to protect frontline services.
Overview We would like to get local views on switching to different suppliers. Initially, we will be carrying out a survey with the Community Panel and employees and we will be finding out in more detail by delivering a series of focus groups.
How to get involved? The consultation is targeted at the Community Panel and employees by open invitation.
What happens next? The findings will be taken to the Commercial Board. The results will also inform the marketing plan and development of the range of products.