Consultations - Open Session for Coalbrookdale Rapid Response Catchment in conjunction with the Environment Agency

Start date 10 June 2013 (one off public event)
Closing date Residents of the Coalbrookdale Area.
Service delivery area Law, Democracy and Public Protection working in partnership with the Environment Agency
Reason for consultation Provide a drop in session for the residents in Coalbrookdale who may be affected by flash flooding and raise their awareness on how to prepare for such an event.
Overview Following the recent door to door knocking and distribution of the Environment Agency Flood Packs to the Coalbrookdale Area, we are running a drop in session which will provide opportunities for residents to ask questions of relevant agencies and to promote community resilience.
How to get involved? Attend the drop in session

Call or e-mail the Civil Resilience Team on 01952 381960

We have advertised the event in the Ironbridge Gorge Gazette
What happens next? Residents will have appropriate details to contact both the Civil Resilience Team and the Council’s Engineers and the Environment Agency should they need to.