Consultations - Parking Restriction Review – Lilleshall, Donnington & Muxton and Hadley & Leegomery

Start date 4 March 2013
Closing date 27 March 2013
Service delivery area Highways and Transport
Reason for consultation The DFT has issued guidance on how to carry out consultation and communication with the public.

We often received a number of enquires from the public in relation to inconsiderate and illegal parking and this gives us an indication of what changes may be required at different locations.
Overview The Council is seeking to apply for powers from the Secretary of State to take over the enforcement of on-street parking restrictions from the police. As part of the application process we have to:
a) review all the Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) across the borough, which includes a statutory consultation process where any changes to Orders are proposed. This will then result in all TROs being appropriate and legally enforceable.
b) A Civil Parking Enforcement (CPE) strategy consultation to demonstrate to the Secretary of State that we have consulted the public to gain community support for the introduction of Civil Parking Enforcement powers and communicated to the public what CPE is.
How to get involved? There is a statutory TRO process for consulting with the emergency services, town and parish councils and other statutory bodies such as bus companies and freight organisations. Proposals then have to be advertised on street to seek comments from the public.

We propose to hold drop-in sessions to be advertised and held locally in each of the locations, to give the public the opportunity to comment on the proposals. Information will be available on the Council’s website throughout the consultation process