Consultations - Safer Routes to School - St. George’s Primary School

Who can get involved? Local residents, parents, school staff, parish and ward members
Start date 21 May 2013
Closing date 31 May 2013
Service delivery area Neighbourhood and Leisure Services
Reason for consultation The consultation is as a result of concerns around the congestion outside St. George’s Primary School. The aim is to consult with local residents on the proposals before a decision on the most appropriate course of action.
Overview The proposal is to introduce parking restrictions outside school (some time restricted) to reduce the congestion and encourage parents to park away from the school. The proposals are part of a wider programme the Road Safety Team are looking to promote to help ease the issues.
How to get involved? Residents have received details by letter and parents will be advised via school. We are collating comments on the night or by email (detail are shown on the consultation letter).
What happens next? On receiving the feedback, all comments will be considered and then a decision will be made how best to move forward with the proposals or amend if appropriate.