Consultations - Shawbirch goose population

Who can get involved? Residents around Shawbirch Pools
Start date 7 May 2012
Closing date 25 May 2012
Reason for consultation We are seeking the views of Shawbirch local residents on the goose population and on our approach of humanely controlling the goose population.

Canada Geese can in some circumstance put pressure on the local wildlife and create cleansing problems by fouling on the footpaths and green areas near the pools. In recent years, the Council has sought advice on a practical humane way of controlling the goose population around Shawbirch pools. The Council has followed the advice given, which involves oiling goose eggs. Egg oiling involves the use of liquid paraffin to coat the shell of the egg in order to stop the egg from developing.
Overview We will be carrying out a short survey of residents in the Shawbirch Pools area
What happens next? A view will be reached about the way in which the Council deals with the goose population
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