Online payment and Automated Telephone Payment (ATP) services - planned maintenance

Our online payments and ATP services will be unavailable between 12.30pm - 4.30pm on Saturday 11 July 2020, due to essential maintenance. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Online payment and Automated Telephone Payment (ATP) services - planned maintenance

Food parcels, food shopping and meals

The council is doing everything it can to provide extra support for its residents so we can help and protect the extremely vulnerable, the vulnerable and those who need our help during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

We have included step by step processes with information, advice and services. Please follow these steps in order to see the support that is available to you. This information is provided at a time where there is constant change and the services suggested below may vary.

The Government’s direct weekly food parcel service is now under way.

What is a Government food parcel?

The Government food parcels are for those people who are ‘extremely vulnerable’ and who require extra support in getting essential supplies.

The service is available to those people who have received a letter from the Government/NHS.

They contain items like beverages (coffee, tea bags), biscuits, bread, cereal, tinned veg, potatoes, long life milk, tinned protein (fish, cold meat excl pork, corned beef), fresh fruit, pasta sauce, pasta and rice, toilet tissue, hand soap or shower gel.

An individual box is based on 1 person for 1 week.

I’ve received the letter informing, will I automatically receive a food parcel?

The weekly food parcels are not delivered automatically, if you have received a letter because you are extremely vulnerable and have no other help or support you will need to call the helpline number on the letter.

Who is classed as extremely vulnerable person?

An extremely vulnerable person is someone at very high risk of severe illness from Coronavirus because of specified underlying medical conditions. These are the people the Government and NHS has written to, telling them they need to isolate for 12 weeks.

Visit the GOV.UK website, to check what types of health conditions class you as extremely vulnerable.

I haven’t received a letter but I think I should have, what should I do?

If you believe you or someone you know is ‘extremely vulnerable’ and you have not received a letter, visit the GOV.UK website to register.

I’m not extremely vulnerable, but I still need support?

We are aware that there are also a number of vulnerable people in our borough who may also need support, but who do not quality to receive the weekly government food parcels.

If you are a vulnerable person, aged 70 or over, or under 70 but with a health condition, and no support from family and friends or neighbours you can contact the Council’s community support team by completing the online form or calling 01952 382030.

I have received my food parcel but an unable to eat some of the products due to dietary or cultural requirements?

Please advise a family member, friend or neighbour to see if they can help if you are unable to order yourself. If you have no support please contact our community support team on 01952 382030.

I have received my food parcel but am unhappy with its contents?

Please contact the government helpline on 0800 0288327.

All of the main supermarkets offer online deliveries but you will need to book in advance as delivery slots are limited. Some supermarkets are offering priority delivery slots for the elderly and vulnerable. Visit the supermarkets websites for more information:

Sainsburys is also prioritising those who are extremely vulnerable.

Morrisons is providing a selection of food and meal boxes for delivery with Marks & Spencer (M&S) also offering one. Aldi have started providing a food parcel service.

Morrisons is also providing a selection of food and meal boxes for delivery with Marks & Spencer (M&S) also offering one.

A click and collect service is provided by ASDA and Tesco.

Some supermarkets are contacting their customers using information from their databases, together with information provided from the government database, in order to provide priority services for the most vulnerable when shopping online. In addition, Co-op Midcounties is partnering with local volunteering groups to offer home delivery services.

If you are able to shop by yourself, whilst adhering to the government procedures and guidelines, please do so safely. There is a useful safe shopping guide to help you stay safe and protect others when shopping for essentials.

Many supermarkets are also providing dedicated shopping times for the elderly, vulnerable, NHS and carers. Supermarkets have also measures in place within their stores around social distancing with some limiting the number of customers inside their stores at any one time.

Some stores have temporarily reduced their normal opening hours and some have closed their in-store counters, such as the deli.

If you have support from any family members, friends or neighbours please let them help you with your essentials. Help them by using the information available on this page.

ASDA, Marks & Spencer (M&S)Sainsbury's and Waitrose offer E-Gift payment cards making it easier to pay for your shopping at their stores, especially when shopping for someone else. A bar code is emailed to the person of your choice and saves having to handle cash or card payment at the till.

Aldi have a volunteer voucher scheme which they post with smaller set limits on the value of their vouchers.

Morrisons and Tesco have their regular gift cards available that can be used for the same purpose.

We are aware that the following local businesses are providing delivery services at this time.

Business name Phone number
A & B Fruits 01952 432311
Admaston Stores 01952 260615
Beelivery -
Boulton’s Butchers 07783 091387
Greenfields Farm Shop 01952 677345
J P Fruits 01952 261779
Majestic Stores (Aqueduct) 01952 598055
Morefresh 0330 1235724
Morgan Country Butchers 01952 541239
Musclefood -
Patel Brothers (Woodside) 01952 582315
Rowlands 01743 462244
Shropshire Veg Box 07791 891854
Telford Fruit & Veg Delivery Service 07395 938733
True Bites Limited 01952 872120
Wiltshire Farm Foods 0800 0773100

There are also other online services, which we are aware of at this time, who provide prepared meals.

Business name Phone number
All Plants 0208 0681700
Bistro Express Meals 01942 834533
Hello Fresh -
I Care Cuisine 0845 6041125
Mindful Chef 0203 9500455
Oak Apple Catering 01694 731305
Oak House Foods 0808 1692714
Ofishial Foods 01295 680999
Parselybox 0800 6127225
Restaurant 1840 01952 593964
Sutton Hill Community Trust (The Hub on the Hill) 01952 898052
The Leegate Centre 01952 897111
Walnut Restaurant 01952 260804

Please also see our Live Well Telford directory for a list of local small businesses.

There are also other online services for frozen meals and hot meals deliveries provided by smaller businesses.

Separately, Age UK have a further list of suppliers that can provide meals, deliveries and other services for the vulnerable.

In addition, delivery of hot food and takeaways is provided by the following services:

If all of the above options have been exhausted and you are in need of help, please look at the following emergency options that are available to you.

We are able to provide further support for the vulnerable in our borough if you have not been successful with the other delivery options.  If you are confined to your home, with no help or anyone to rely on to collect or get food for you, please use our online form to request community support or contact our community support team on 01952 382030 to find out how we can help you.

If you know someone who is isolated with no support or contacts to reply on and have no means of any online services please contact our Community Support team immediately on 01952 382030.

In the event of a crisis where you are unable to afford to purchase food, our Live Well Telford directory can help you find a place to request food parcels. Telford Crisis Support is also available to provide the help and support you need.