Food parcels, food shopping and meals

The council is doing everything it can to provide extra support for its residents so we can help and protect the extremely vulnerable, and those who need our help during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

We have included step by step processes with information, advice and services. Please follow these steps in order to see the support that is available to you. This information is provided at a time where there is constant change and the services suggested below may vary.

If you have support from any family members, friends or neighbours please let them help you with your essentials. Help them by using the information available on this page.

If you have received a letter from the NHS since 1 November 2020 telling you that you are clinically extremely vulnerable, and if you are unable to rely on family, friends, neighbours or other support networks to meet essential needs for your health and well-being, you can register to access priority online supermarket deliveries.

Visit the GOV.UK website to register to access priority online supermarket deliveries

All of the main supermarkets offer online deliveries but you will need to book in advance as delivery slots are limited. Some supermarkets are offering priority delivery slots for the elderly and vulnerable. Visit the supermarkets websites for more information:

Download an up to date list of commercial food options.

If you do not have family or other support networks who can do your shopping and you are a vulnerable person who is unable to get a priority slot, you can contact the Council’s community support team by completing the online form or calling 01952 382030. They will be able to assist you with access to food.

Government guidelines have been updated to reflect new covid-secure measures that have been introduced in our communities, including the rule of 6, Covid-secure workplaces, and the widespread use of face coverings, all of which have reduced the need for restrictive shielding guidance.

If you are able to shop by yourself, whilst adhering to the government guidelines, please do so safely. There is a useful safe shopping guide to help you stay safe and protect others when shopping for essentials.

Many supermarkets are also working hard to support their vulnerable customers, they also have  measures in place within their stores around social distancing with some limiting the number of customers inside their stores at any one time.

ASDAMarks & Spencer (M&S)Sainsbury's, Waitrose, Aldi, Tesco and Morrisons offer E-Gift payment cards making it easier to pay for your shopping at their stores, especially when shopping for someone else. A bar code is emailed to the person of your choice and saves having to handle cash or card payment at the till.

We are aware that the following local businesses are providing delivery services at this time.

Details of local businesses providing a food delivery service.
Business name Telephone number
Atlantis Fish Bar 01952 677901
The Lamb Inn 01952 879829
The Leegate Centre 01952 897111
Matthews Family Butchers 01952 812356
Avenue Bakes -
Vineyard Stores - Newport 01952 810387
Duke of York Pub 01952 612741
The New Dun Cow Bar and Grill 01952 670943
Church Farm 07799566782
Mollys Café 01952 884166
Foresters Arms Pub 01952 630107
The Codfather 01952 501115
Boulton's Butcher 07783091387
Moores A&B Fruits 01952 432311
Madeley Fish Bar 01952 582040
Park Street Kitchen 07745948736
The Sandwich Box 07807713522
Restaurant 1840 01952 593964
The Hub on the Hill 01952 898052
Trish & Chips 07305052342
Clays of Broseley 01952 884667
The Bearded Chef 07507555177
Lilys Secret Vintage Pop up Tea Room 01785 330762 / Out of hours: 07964038546
Greenfields Fam Shop 01952 677345 / 01952 603747
Apley Farm Shop 01952 581002
Wrekin Fruit & Veg 07305898196
One Stop Veg and Fruit Delivery Shop -
JP Fruits Shewsbury Market Hall 07791891854
Rowlands & Co Fruit & Veg 01743 462244 
Olduns Fresh Fruit and Veg Boxes 07932336854
Wassells Family Butcher 01952 253313
Jolly Good Eggs 07711292609
The Duck @ Allscott 01952 248484
Long Lane Café 01952 253100
Stirchley Fish Bar 01952 876374
The Walnut (Restaurant) 01952 260804
Lyfbar -
The Grove at Walcot 01952 740814

There are also other online services, which we are aware of at this time, who provide prepared meals.

Details of local businesses providing prepared meals.
Business name Phone number
All Plants 0208 0681700
Bistro Express Meals 01942 834533
Hello Fresh -
I Care Cuisine 0845 6041125
Mindful Chef 0203 9500455
Oak Apple Catering 01694 731305
Oak House Foods 0808 1692714
Ofishial Foods 01295 680999
Parselybox 0800 6127225
Restaurant 1840 01952 593964
Sutton Hill Community Trust (The Hub on the Hill) 01952 898052
The Leegate Centre 01952 897111
Walnut Restaurant 01952 260804

Please also see our Live Well Telford directory for a list of local small businesses.

There are also other online services for frozen meals and hot meals deliveries provided by smaller businesses.

Separately, Age UK have a further list of suppliers that can provide meals, deliveries and other services for the vulnerable.

In addition, delivery of hot food and takeaways is provided by the following services:

In recognition of the challenging times that families may be experiencing due to the COVID-19 pandemic free weekly breakfast parcels are being made available for children in years 3 - 11 who are in receipt of Free School Meals.

Parcels are free and contain breakfast items to last 5 days. You will be required to collect your parcel.

If your child is eligible and you would like to find out more and register, you can find your local provider on our Weekly breakfast parcels for children and young people in receipt of free school meals page.

These parcels are available until the end of 2020 and have been made available through funding from Telford & Wrekin Council and the Local Authority Emergency Assistance Grant for Food and Essential Supplies from Defra.

The Council is working with our providers to extend this provision to Easter 2021. 

If all of the above options have been exhausted and you are in need of help, please look at the following emergency options that are available to you.

We are able to provide further support for the vulnerable in our borough if you have not been successful with the other delivery options. 

DEFRA supermarket referral

  • Individuals who are unable to access food as they are following enhanced social distancing. This includes individuals outside the shielded group but with pre-existing health conditions or circumstances which mean they are at increased risk of severe illness from COVID-19.
  • individuals unable to access food as they are self-isolating at home due to exposure to COVID-19 (or suspected exposure in the absence of verification through testing); This category also relates to people who have been contacted by track and trace and may have been in close contact with someone who has Covid-19

We may be able to refer you for a priority shopping delivery slot at Iceland or Tesco. This programme is for those who have not been able to access food and other essential supplies themselves, due to circumstances related to COVID-19.

  • If you qualify for this priority service, our staff will, with your agreement, enter your details into the Defra programme portal.
  • Depending on which option you choose, you will either be provided with a code or receive an email from the supermarket with a reference number and instructions.
  • Once we have registered you with the programme, you will be able to order and pay for your groceries online yourself.

Please note: this programme has limited capacity and registration.

Please download the privacy notice for the supermarket referral scheme.

Morrisons supermarket has created a ‘Doorstep’ and a Foodbox’ delivery service, which you can order by phone or online.  Doorstep deliveries can be ordered by phoning 0345 611 6111, option 5 and choosing from a list of 47 essential grocery items.

Foodbox deliveries can be ordered by phoning 0345 611 6111, option 4 and selecting your foodbox.

Call before 3pm for next day delivery and pay on the doorstep or over the phone by card

If you know someone who is isolated with no support or contacts to rely on and have no means of any online services you can also contact our Community Support team on 01952 382030.

In the event of a crisis where you are unable to afford to purchase food, our Live Well Telford directory can help you find a place to request food parcels. Telford Crisis Support is also available to provide the help and support you need.