Equality Objectives

The specific duties placed on us by the Equality Act 2010 require the Council to have one, or more, equality objective.

The 2012 Department of Work and Pensions Report 'Social Justice: transforming lives' report focuses on providing the support and tools to help turn lives around and raise aspirations to increase social mobility. It identifies three areas as core to this challenge: 'worklessness', 'family' and education.

A low level of educational attainment is too often a barrier to people fulfilling their potential and improving their life chances. Within Telford and Wrekin there are two groups of pupils who do not overall, achieve the same level of educational attainment as their peers. These are pupils who receive free school meals and pupils of a British Pakistani background. Our equality objective is to halve this attainment gap by 2016 for Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 4. View the measures and targets.

By addressing some of the root causes of low educational attainment for these groups of young people we aim to improve the overall life chances for those young people affected and their families.

The equality objectives are monitored throughout the year and included in our Council Plan. This provides a format for monitoring and challenge.

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