Enforcement Agency

From April 2014, the way bailiffs work and the fees they apply to collect outstanding debts will change. This is due to new national legislation which comes into effect from 6 April 2014 which has been introduced by the Government. The Council has no discretion in this matter.

Once the debt is passed to an Enforcement Agency (formerly known as a bailiff company), you will incur fees of £75 which will be added to your debt. At this stage, the Enforcement Agency will try and engage in an early attempt at repayment of your debt. Any payments or offers of repayment should be made directly to the Enforcement Agency rather than the Council.

If you don’t make either payment in full, or make a payment arrangement with the Enforcement Agency an Enforcement Agent will visit you. Additional fees of £235 will be added at this stage, plus an additional 7.5% where the balance is above £1500.

The Enforcement Agent will normally ask you for payment in full, however if you cannot meet this request, the Enforcement Agent will try to agree a repayment arrangement with you. The Enforcement Agent may enter into a Controlled Goods Agreement, where the agent makes a list of your possessions that is equal in value to your debt. This means that you cannot dispose or sell them without the Enforcement Agents permission.

If you do not pay as agreed, you may then be charged for the removal and sale of your goods.

If the Enforcement Agent does not collect all the money that you owe the Council, we will consider other options to recover the debt which may include bankruptcy, a charging order against your property, or asking the court to assist in the recovery of the debt which may result in sending you to prison for up to three months.

The council employs two Enforcement Agencies:

Rossendales Ltd
Wavell House
Holcombe Road

0844 701 3990


6 Europa Boulevard
CH41 4PE

0345 601 2692/0151 6504800

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