Work experience

Top tips when filling in an application form

  1. Check your spelling and grammar.
  2. Check that your personal details are correct, for example contact telephone number, email address and date of birth. Try and be as specific as possible with the dates you would like to complete work experience.
  3. Information in your application should relate to the service area you are applying to, for example, don’t apply for a placement at the Ice rink if you tell us you want to be a surveyor. 
  4. If you don’t know what you want to do and select an area because it sounds good tell us why it sounds good and why it interests you.
  5. Carefully read the details and criteria about the service area you are interested in, for example you must be 17 years old to apply for a social care placement.
  6. Treat this application as if it was for a real job. Fill in all sections carefully and fully, it will be good practice for when you complete applications for actual jobs in the future. 
  7. If you attend school or college and require assistance completing your application form please ask your placement co-ordinator for support.

Last updated: 27/06/2022 11:37

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