You said, we did

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Our vision is to work with our customers to develop quality services that are accessible to all and to make every contact count.

Feedback plays a vital role in our continuous development to make our customer service of the highest standard. Feedback is received via complaints, enquiries, through our Customer Insight Programme and also from instant, real-time QR code feedback surveys, which have been introduced into many of our buildings - including libraries and leisure centres.

We'd like to share some of this feedback from you and the actions that we have taken as a result. You said, we did.

A table of examples of things we have done in response to your feedback.
You said... We did...
The soft play at Telford Ice Rink was not advertised on the exterior of the building. The outside of the ice rink has now been rebranded to include soft play signage.
Customers commented that there was no information at the soft play location regarding the policy for them bringing their own food. Signage is now in place confirming our policy about customers bringing their own food to this location.
Customers suggested that there should be pantomime ticket discounts available for veterans and the Armed Forces at The Place theatre. There will be special pantomime shows at a discounted rate for people who were or are in the Armed Forces.
Customers commented that The Place theatre front-of-house could do with some redecoration. The bar area and auditorium have been redecorated, with brand new lighting installed.
Information was not readily available regarding disabled toilets at The Place theatre. Patrons with additional needs will be advised of the facilities available to them and more signage will be added within the theatre.
A customer commented that our theatre booking website did not support all devices. The website is now accessible via all devices.
Customers commented that there could be significant queues in the The Place theatre waiting area. Ticket scanners have been introduced for a quicker and smoother entry experience.
Customers who reviewed the planning pages on our website commented that they were not up to date. The highlighted webpages have now been updated.
Customers raised to us that a link to the Planning portal wasn’t working correctly. The affected link on our website has now been fixed.
Our website didn’t provide enough information on the Council Tax Care Leaver discount. We have updated our website with the relevant information.
A planning letter was not being issued in accordance with procedure. The process was reviewed to ensure that this doesn’t happen in future. All printing is now checked by validation officers.
The bulky waste collection service was not issuing a receipt when a booking was placed. Booking and confirmation receipts have now been updated.
The Webchat icon was not considered prominent enough on our website. The Webchat icon is now prominently displayed on our website Homepage.
Customers commented that advertising banners on our webpages were distracting and flickered. Advertising banners are no longer used on our webpages.
A customer commented that the name of our new digital assistant needed to be changed. As a result of this feedback, the digital assistant on our website was renamed Ask Tom.
The Compliments online form was taking too long to complete. This form has been reviewed and shortened.
The My Telford app was asking for personal details from those already logged in and registered on it. Personal details should now automatically populate for those who are already logged-in.
Customers commented that audio ‘How to’ guides would be useful on the My Telford app. All ‘how to’ videos now also have audio.

Last updated: 29/04/2022 14:09

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