Southwater Square

Every year Southwater and Telford Town park attract many thousands of visitors and we want to ensure that it continues to be a place that people want to visit, play and relax in.

Following a recent consultation, we are proposing to create a new Southwater Square in the area overlooking the lake outside Southwater One extending down Main Street parallel with the Wildwood restaurant.

Having listened to our residents and visitors, we know how much people value this open space in the heart of the town that draws the town park into the town centre and keeps the views over the lake.

People would like to have both informal space for relaxing and meeting as well as an area that can be used for a range of events and activities for families and visitors alike.

Please note that the water feature in the design can be drained as needed so that the entire area of Southwater Square could be used for events.

The survey is now closed and results will be shared when available. Thank you to all who took part.

Last updated: 26/02/2019 10:02

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