European Election results May 2019



European election results for the Telford & Wrekin counting area in the West Midlands Region: May 2019


Party Number of votes
 Change UK - The Independent Group  1,548
 Conservative and Unionist Party  4,407
 Green Party  3,445
 Labour Party  6,775
 Liberal Democrats  5,627
 The Brexit Party  16,811
 UK Independence Party (UKIP)  2,351
 Rejected for want of an official mark  1
 Rejected for voting for more than one party or candidate  39
 Rejected for writing by which a voter can be identified  14
 Rejected as unmarked or void for uncertainty  237
 TOTAL  41,255
 Turnout  33.05%
 Electorate  124,808



Full results for the West Midlands region can be found here.

Last updated: 28/11/2019 10:56