Understanding Telford and Wrekin

Download the 'Understanding Telford and Wrekin' document, our main Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) product, is designed to:

  • provide an overview of the population of Telford and Wrekin
  • build a picture of the social, cultural, health and economic profile of communities
  • help the Council and partners identify the communities in need of support
  • help the Council and partners to evaluate the appropriateness of services and activities currently offered and whether these meet the needs of communities
  • help the Council and partners to set appropriate priorities and targets as part of the service and financial planning process.

The profile contains six chapters:

Chapter one: Download the JSNA Executive Summaries

  • JSNA Executive Summary.
  • JSNA Headline Messages - Understanding Telford and Wrekin (by profile chapter).
  • JSNA Headline Messages - Understanding Telford and Wrekin (by the three localities: Hadley Castle; Lakeside South; The Wrekin).
  • JSNA Headline Messages - Understanding Telford and Wrekin (by different age groups: Children and Young. People; Working Age Adults; Older People).
  • Download Appendix one for further information.

Chapter two: Download the Population and Characteristics document

  • Population estimates and projections, including fertility and mortality rates.
  • Demographic information including ethnicity, religion, sexual identity and migration.
  • Cross border service users.
  • Household composition including dependent children, lone parents, carers.
  • Download Appendix two for further information.

Chapter three: Download the Being Healthy document

  • General health of the population, including life expectancy, mortality, long term limiting illness, physical disability, mental health, dementia and lowliness.
  • Prevalence of various health conditions.
  • Hospital attendance and admissions, including by reason.
  • Low birth weight, teenage pregnancy rates, smoking in pregnancy and breastfeeding rates.
  • Healthy lifestyle rates including smoking, binge drinking, drug use, physical activity, excess weight and obesity.
  • Download Appendix three for further information.

Chapter four: Download the Staying Safe document

Chapter five: Download the Enjoying and Achieving document

Chapter six: Download the Economic Wellbeing document

All chapters and appendices in one area can be downloaded from Understanding Telford and Wrekin either as separate chapters or a whole document.

Download the Key Facts about the Borough in our 2-page summary.

Download previous versions of this document.

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