Apply for planning permission

Before you apply, have you:

  1. Checked if you need planning permission for the work you want to do?
  2. Found out what you need to supply with an application?
  3. Understood how much it will cost?

There's lots more information on how to apply on the national Planning Portal website.

The best way to apply is online through the Planning Portal. You can complete the form, attach your documents and pay (or allocate for someone else to pay), all in the same application process.

Apply for planning permission

Alternatively if you cannot submit your application online, you can download and print a paper form from the Planning Portal.

If you submit your application by post please provide two copies. You will need to send your application to the Development Management team. If you send us any documents or plans by email or on CD please note we only accept Adobe PDF, JPEG, Word or Excel file types (any plans must be PDF only) with a maximum file size of 10MB each.

Last updated: 08/03/2019 15:49

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