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Councillor Code of Conduct

Councillors are subject to a code of conduct, which places obligations on them in the way they carry out their duties as a councillor and sets out the standards of conduct required.

One of the requirements of the code is for members to register their financial and other general interests on a prescribed form.

The register of interests is available for inspection by the public, and anyone wishing to view the register should contact the Democratic Services team.

Telford & Wrekin Council strongly believes that it is of utmost importance that the councillors representing the people of Telford and Wrekin act and behave in appropriate ways. Any allegations about conduct are dealt with by the Standards Committee.

Parish and town councils

Parish and town councillors are also subject to a code of conduct.

All parish and town councils are required to adopt a code of conduct and details of the code can be obtained by contacting the Parish or Town Council directly, you can also view copies of the register of interests.

Select a parish or town council from the drop down list below:

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