The TLC app is here!

The Telford Loyalty Card is already a massive success with over 260 businesses signed up and over 65,000 cards in circulation. Card holders have access to discounts, not only across council leisure services (swimming, gyms, golf, skating etc) but also across a wide range of retailers and services.

The app will bring you all of the benefits of TLC and more, directly to your device. You will have access to the all the very latest offers and discounts provided by tlc businesses across the entire borough in a user friendly format. So whatever you are looking for, and wherever you are, you are never more than a couple of ‘taps’ away from the information you need.

It doesn’t matter if you are an existing card holder, non cardholder, resident or non resident, the app is for everyone! The app is now available for IOS (Apple) devices and for Android.

If you don't want to download the TLC app and would prefer the plastic card then click here to see where you can collect one from.

Download the app from the Apple Store (iOS)

Download the app from Google Play


Last updated: 28/05/2021 12:54

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