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Out and about and need to report an issue in your local area - there's an App for that!

Our free App - Everyday Telford - makes it easier and quicker for you to report issues when you are out and about in your local area.

And it's available on iPhone, Android and Windows platforms!

Download the App from the Apple Store (iOS)

Download the App from Google Play

Download the App from the Windows Store

Everyday Telford aims to make it quick and easy to report the things that are important to you, whenever and wherever you are.

Simply follow the instructions and send it through and let us do the rest. You can even take a photo of the issue and use your phone's GPS to store the location so we can find it easily.

And you don't need a connection at the site you are reporting on as the App will store your report until you are connected.

As well as reporting local issues, you can also report; Housing Benefit fraud, Council Tax Support fraud, Single Person Discount fraud, Blue Badge fraud, taxi complaints, counterfeit goods, underage sales and complaints about food Premises and food purchases.

Simply download Everyday Telford to your phone, report things as you see them in just a few clicks and then use the App to monitor progress and make sure the issue is resolved.

Make the App part of your day, every day and help us to make improvements in your local area.

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