You can make a big difference


If each home recycled just 1kg more of any recycled material (paper, card, glass etc) and 1kg more of green waste per collection, saving £210k. 1kg is equivalent to two empty glass wine bottles or ten newspapers.

Fly tipping Flytip

Halving the number of fly tip or litter incidents would save £175k. One of the best deterrents is to report flytips using the website or Everyday Telford app to help us prosecute the culprits.


If everyone in the borough used a council leisure facility and Telford Ice Rink once more a year, it would bring in an extra £1.2m. Our leisure centres and Ice Rink have been refurbished and now offer high quality facilities at an affordable price. There's TLC discounts too.

Older People elderly

Help older people stay independent and live in their homes for as long as possible. If we can help 100 people to stay in their homes this would save £1.3m. This starts at just taking more interest or regularly visiting your older relatives, friends or neighbours, to becoming a Shared Lives Carer.

Everyday Telford everyday telford

If every other contact or service request to the Council takes place using the website or Everyday Telford app, this would save £580k. A contact in person can cost around £8.62, a phone call £2.83. Contact via the website or app costs just 15p.

Theatre Theatre

See just one of the great variety of shows on offer at Oakengates Theatre. This would bring in £315k. If every show at the theatre sold four of every five seats, this would bring in an extra £315k a year.

Last updated: 10.31am on Friday 22 May 2015