Pavement Licence

During the COVID pandemic, in 2020, the government introduced a new “Pavement Licence” regime, which is designed to make it easier for premises to serve food and drink in bars, cafes, clubs and restaurants outdoors through temporary changes to planning procedures and alcohol licensing. It was recognised that there was a pressing need to assist the hospitality sector, given the inevitable constraints social distancing has on indoor capacity limits.

This licensing regime provided a fast-track procedure for the grant of an authorisation for Pavement Licences up to 30 September 2021.

The Business and Planning Act 2020 (Pavement Licences) (Coronavirus) (Amendment) Regulations 2021 has now extended temporary Pavement Licences up to 30 September 2022.

It is important to note for those businesses who have an existing Pavement Licence that expires on 30 September 2021, there will be a requirement under the 'Act' to submit a new application.

 Are you interested in applying? – If so:

  1. view and read our eligibility criteria to ensure that you are permitted to apply
  2. view and read our terms and conditions to ensure that if granted, you will be able to comply with the licence.

For all Pavement Licences, the Licensing Service will consult with:

  • West Mercia Police
  • Highways Authority
  • Shropshire Fire & Rescue
  • Environmental Health (see highlighted * note below).
  • Local Town/Parish Council.

* Whilst not part of the application process, Environmental Health may still expect applicants to have a written risk assessment, download the points to consider when preparing a risk assessment). Visit the HSE website for an example of a typical risk assessment template and have a suitable noise management plan - download the noise management plan.

Following consultation, the local authority must determine the application within 5 working days, beginning with the first day after the public consultation ends. If the local authority does not determine the application within this timescale, the application is deemed to be automatically granted.

Please note: that any application submitted with incorrect or missing documentation will not be processed. Instead, you will be contacted by an officer and asked to re-submit the required documentation. It is also important to note that you will also be asked to remove the notice you may have displayed and re-advertise the notice when your application is deemed to be complete and when you are instructed to do so by an Officer.

All applications deemed to be served correctly will result in a site visit by an authorised officer of Telford & Wrekin Council. The officer will consider the suitability of the application and will notify the Licensing Service of any comments/representations.

If any representation is received, this will result in your application being referred to a Review Panel for final determination. Please note: that there is no appeal process against the Council's decision to refuse an application. In addition, the application fee will not be refunded.

Applicants need to be mindful of the fact that if the Licensing Service deems it appropriate and necessary, special conditions can be added to any granted licence. In addition, Mandatory Conditions will form part of the licence - download the mandatory conditions for a pavement licence.

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