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Public safety

The Council  carry out safety checks on vehicles and their drivers to ensure public safety.

People hiring vehicles will be safer in the knowledge that businesses are licensed, vehicles have been tested and drivers have been Disclosure and Barring Service checked by the Council.

  • Ask in advance how much the fare is going to be.
  • Before you go out make sure that you have the money to pay for your journey.
  • Expect to pay in advance for a journey after midnight.
  • Check the driver is wearing an identification badge.
  • Ask the driver who they are collecting to make sure you are in the right vehicle.
  • If you are travelling on  your own you may feel safer sat in the back.
  • Let someone know you are in the vehicle and on your way.
  • Do not smoke inside the vehicle.
  • If you get into a Private Hire Vehicle without booking through a company licensed for private hire, you may not be insured in the event of an injury or accident.

Further information can obtained by contacting us.

Last updated: 20/07/2022 09:57

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