Food Hygiene Rating Scheme

What should I do if I want to request a re-visit?

You should put your request in writing or (you can send an email) to the food safety officer that undertook the inspection of your premises - please email the attached form to

Telford & Wrekin will charge £200 for re-score visits. Your request for a re-score will be verified by an officer, and if your request is deemed to be valid, you will then be contacted to make the necessary payment. The re-score visit will not be undertaken unless the written request and the payment have been received.

In your written submission, you must explain what actions you have taken on the issues raised at your last inspection and you should include supporting evidence, for example, receipts or photographs to show that work has been completed. This is important as we could refuse your request if you do not provide sufficient information and evidence.

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Last updated: 01/03/2018 12:24

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