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Digital Inclusion

We want to support our residents to have the skills, knowledge and confidence to be able to access and use new technology and online services.

To do this we will:

  • ensure free and easy access to technology in the community through all our libraries, including the community led libraries. as well as working with community partners to secure access to their facilities
  • recognise that smartphones are the most likely digital device of choice for a large number of our residents we will ensure ‘mobile optimised’ delivery during any new service redesign to encourage self-service
  • identify specific hard to reach groups by using behavioural insight tools and links with voluntary sector to specifically promote digital uptake
  • work with education and the voluntary sector to facilitate, support and develop training courses to encourage citizens to build their digital skills
  • embed digital skills throughout the organisation, from employing, inducting and beyond
  • develop a programme of events and activities using our new “Telford Online” brand that will encompass all our community engagement activity around the implementation of our digital strategy.

Last updated: 27/04/2021 12:45