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Request additional or replacement bins, bags and food waste containers

Additional green bin requests - are now charegable

Important information from the 4 March 2024

Due to significant financial pressures and in order to protect front line services, it is no longer possible for the council to continue to provide these containers free of charge. From the 4 March 2024 there will be a one off charge of £25 for each additional green bin you request.

For more information about the charges, please visit our green bin FAQs webpage.

Replacement green bins will still be provided free of charge.

Top tops on managing your green waste

  • We can take up to four bags of additional garden waste if you leave them next to your green bin on your collection day, please ensure that the garden waste is presented in clear biodegradable garden sacks and they are not too heavy for our contractors to lift, our contractors will return your garden sacks inside your green bin.
  • Alternatively you can take your excess garden waste to either of our Household Recycling Centres which are open Monday to Sunday from 9am til 5pm, they are only closed on Christmas day, Boxing day and New Years day.
  • Composting also enables you to recycle your garden waste, visit our webpage for more information about home composting

New properties

If you are requesting containers for a new build property (a property that has not previously had recycling or refuse containers) there will be a standard non refundable administration charge of £25.

We apologise that you are not able to request your new build containers using our online form at the moment, please call us on 01952 384384 to order your containers.

Additional red top bin

If there are 6 or more people living at the property permanently and you are recycling as much as possible, you may be able to apply for an additional smaller red top bin (140 Litres), this will be subject to approval and there will be a standard non refundable administration charge of £25.

Once we receive your request, we will monitor participation in recycling services and we expect to be able to respond to you with a decision within 6 weeks.

All additional bins supplied will be subject to review and can be removed if you are not recycling sufficiently.

Please use our online form if you wish to apply.

Complete our online form to request an additional red top bin

Replacement bins, bags and food waste containers (missing or damaged)

Please note: this form is for residential household properties within Telford and Wrekin to request replacement/additional bins, bags and food waste containers only.

  • Food waste caddy liner replacements
    Food caddy liners are supplied free of charge to households that share a communal food waste wheelie bin only. If you share a communal food waste wheelie bin you can request replacement liners using our online form, please select yes to the 'flats' option, liners will be delivered to your property.

  • Repair/replacement of damaged bins
    Our contractors have up to five working days to either repair the damaged bin or replace it, they do not call in advance of their visit, the damaged bin must be available for repair/collection when you complete the online form, please ensure you confirm where the bin is and that it is accessible.
  • Damaged bins
    Please use the online form and explain how the bin is damaged, for example it has a broken wheel etc, in some cases our contractors may be able to repair it, if they can't, they will take the damaged bin away and leave you a replacement (they will only leave a replacement if the damaged bin is available to collect), we only replace damaged bins that are no longer fit for purpose.
  • Red top bin
    Please note we no longer supply the 240 Litre Red top Bins, your replacement bin will now be the new 180 Litre Red top bin, if you live in a property that has 2 or more bedrooms.
  • Damaged blue bags
    These can be disposed of in your red top bin, to order a replacement please use the online form.
  • Missing bins/bags
    Please use the online form to report which container is missing and where you would like the replacement to be delivered.
  • New tenant - are your bins full?
    If you have just moved into your property and your containers are full, please call our contact centre where a member of staff will be able to arrange a one off collection, please be aware there is an £18 fee per bin to be emptied.
  • Blue boxes
    We no longer supply or replace blue boxes, you can present card and paper together in your blue bag. If you have excess recycling on a regular basis, you can order additional recycling containers by completing the online form.

There is no charge for replacements bins and containers.

Important information
Please ensure that you give our contractors clear directions where to leave/collect your containers on your property and they are fully accessible, our contractors have up to five working days to complete the delivery/collection, if you have a damaged container to be replaced, the damaged container must be available for collection or your replacement container will not be left.

Please use our online form to order additional or replacement bins/bags:

Complete our online form to request a new or additional bin, bag and/or container

On occasion, we undertake random monitoring of waste collection services throughout the borough. Occasionally we may come across some properties where there are two standard 180 Litre or 240 Litre red top bins. In these circumstances we will contact the resident in writing, giving them notice, except in exceptional circumstances, that we will need to remove the second bin.

Downsizing purple top, red top or green bins

Bins/containers are allocated according to the size of the property and not the number of people who live in the property, larger bins (180 Litre Red top or 240 Litre Purple bins) are allocated to properties with 2 or more bedrooms, smaller bins (140 Litres) bins are allocated to one bedroom properties and sheltered accommodation properties. If you wish to downsize your bin then you must fit either of these criteria.

Unfortunately we are unable to take any requests via an online form at this time, we apologise for any inconvenience.

Delivery of items

Important information:

Please note our contractor will not leave a replacement red top bin if there is already one at the property.

Delivery of red top bins, green bins. food waste caddies and recycling containers can take up to 5 working days from the date of the request. If you have any questions relating to your delivery please call us on 01952 384384. 

Please ensure that you provide details of where you would like our contractors to deliver your containers and access is available, our contractors will leave the containers within your property boundaries.

For more information about your recycling and rubbish services please download the policies for the Waste Management Service.

Last updated: 09/05/2024 09:43

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