Bank holiday recycling and rubbish collections

August collection changes

Important information: both Household Recycling Centres (HRCs) are open with restrictions in place.

Due to the bank holiday on Monday 31 August 2020, all collections will be one day later during this week. Collections will return to normal on Monday 7 September 2020.

Normal day Revised collection day
Monday 31 August 2020 Tuesday 1 September 2020 (day later)
Tuesday 1 September 2020 Wednesday 2 September 2020 (day later)
Wednesday 2 September 2020 Thursday 3 September 2020 (day later)
Thursday 3 September 2020 Friday 4 September 2020 (day later)
Friday 4 September 2020 Saturday 5 September 2020 (day later)

Useful tips and information:

  • Make sure your containers are presented for 7am on the day of your scheduled collection.
  • Can we see your food caddy? Please make sure this is placed in front of your other containers as it is collected by a separate crew.
  • If your bins were presented for 7am on your scheduled collection day on the footpath nearest the edge of your property, or if we have an agreement to collect these from your property, and they have been missed, please let us know and report a missed bin collection.
  • Don't forget the Household Recycling Centres (HRCs) are open with restrictions/site rules in place, please view more information about the restrictions that are in place.
  • If you would like to download a collection calendar for your property, or you don't know what day your bins are normally collected you can now view and find out by using our

Bin day finder

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