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Bank holiday bin collection day changes

Christmas and New Year bin collection day changes

Your recycling and waste collection day will change over the Christmas and New Year bank holiday, some collections will be earlier or later, changes start from Saturday 23 December 2023, please make sure you check your revised collection day before presenting your containers for their scheduled collection.

Don't forget the Household Recycling Centres will also be closed on Christmas Day, New Years Day and Boxing Day.

This table shows the changes to your bin collections during the Christmas and New Year bank holiday.
Normal day Revised collection day
Monday 25 December 2023 Saturday 23 December 2023 (earlier collection)
Tuesday 26 December 2023 Wednesday 27 December 2023 (later collection)
Wednesday 27 December 2023 Thursday 28 December 2023 (later collection)
Thursday 28 December 2023 Friday 29 December 2023 (later collection)
Friday 29 December 2023 Saturday 30 December 2023 (later collection)
Monday 1 January 2024 Tuesday 2 January 2024 (later collection)
Tuesday 2 January 2024 Wednesday 3 January 2024 (later collection)
Wednesday 3 January 2024 Thursday 4 January 2024 (later collection)
Thursday 4 January 2024 Friday 5 January 2024 (later collection)
Friday 5 January 2024 Saturday 6 January 2024 (later collection)

Please note: collection days return to normal Monday 8 January 2024.

Download the information leaflet explaining the bin collection changes during Christmas and New Year

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Last updated: 20/11/2023 12:34

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