Talking 3+4s - 15 hours free childcare (3 and 4 year olds)

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Every 3 and 4 year old child is entitled to 15 hours per week of free early years provision, for 38 weeks per year from the term after their third birthday.

This must be taken over a minimum of two days and with a maximum of two childcare providers.

Children are eligible at the start of the term following their third birthday until statutory school age, so a child born between:

Children born between Eligible to start from
1 April - 31 August Autumn term (starts September)
1 September - 31 December Spring term (starts January)
1 January - 31 March Summer term (starts April)

Parents are able to choose from:

  • Childcare providers from the:
    • private
    • voluntary
    • independent
    • local authority sector who best meet the families requirements. 
  • A variety of different types of providers, including:
    • full day care
    • sessional care
    • nursery schools
    • school run nurseries
    • nursery classes
    • pre-schools
    • childminders. 
  • Parents are also able to choose from a variety of combinations of hours which suit their work, training and other family commitments.
  • Once you have decided upon a childcare provider you should register your child and the funding will be claimed by your childcare provider.

Choosing childcare

For more information about the different types of childcare and childminding available to you or what offer is available in your choice of provision please contact the Family Connect team or download our Talking 3+4s information leaflet:

Telephone: 01952 385385

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