Council Tax Reduction

How much am I entitled to?

The amount of your entitlement will depend on:

  • your circumstances
  • the make-up of your household
  • your income and the income of anyone who lives with you
  • the amount of Council Tax you are charged.

You can use our online calculator to give you an estimate of entitlement. However, an accurate figure can only be determined after a full application, backed-up by the relevant documentation, has been submitted to the Council.

When should I claim?

It is important that you complete your intention to claim as soon as you can.

When will my claim start?

The date that your claim starts will depend on how and when you claim Council Tax Reduction (formerly Council Tax Support).

We normally start your claim from the Monday after you first made contact with us or the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), but only if you complete the claim process within one month. If you don't complete the claim process within one month, your claim will usually start from the Monday after we receive your completed claim.

It is therefore very important that you contact us as soon as you want to claim, and that you attend your chosen appointment.

Can you start my claim from an earlier date?

We cannot usually start your claim any sooner. However, in certain circumstances, we may be able to backdate your claim for up to a maximum of one month from the date of your request. To be considered for this, you must:

  • make a request for backdating in writing
  • tell us the date you want to claim from
  • tell us why you didn't make your claim earlier - giving us as much information as you can in support of your request
  • if your income was any different during the backdate period, you must provide evidence of it.

We will then look at your request and decide whether you have good cause for not claiming sooner.

Last updated: 4.42pm on Monday 27 January 2020

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