Care Leavers Discount

Care leavers in Telford & Wrekin who are liable for Council Tax will be eligible for a local discount if they were formerly in the care of Telford & Wrekin Council. 

Young people who have spent time in foster or residential care, will be exempt from paying Council Tax until the age of 25 if they live alone, or if they live in a shared household a percentage  discount. 

A care leaver is defined as an individual whom Telford and Wrekin Council had a corporate parent responsibility for.

If you are a Care Leaver, this local discount will have been automatically applied to your Council Tax account. This will show on your Council Tax bill as ‘Care Leaver Discount’.

In addition to this local discount you may also be eligible for other Council Tax discounts and these have to be applied for separately.

The Care Leavers local discount does not apply if:

  • the Council Tax bill is in someone else’s name (for instance a friend, relative or landlord) or
  • you are a care leaver from outside Telford & Wrekin (you can ask the council that was responsible for your care to help you pay your bill).

If you qualify for this local discount and have received a Council Tax bill without the discount, please contact the Council Tax team, ensuring you provide your full contact details.

Last updated: 18/02/2020 14:55

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